Meeting Partners and Customers Around the World

Why are we going on tour?

It's important for us to meet our partners and customers in person and to share our expertise with them. Our developers are looking forward to receiving feedback from the people who use our software on a daily basis. These insights enable us to improve our products so that they continue to bring value to our customers.

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Germany & Netherlands 2016 Tour

By Fabienne, 11. November 2016

Breinwave - Working in the Mixed Reality

Day 5: The last day of this years Germany & Netherlands tour with one core moment after the other....

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Germany & Netherlands 2016 Tour

By Fabienne, 10. November 2016

A day with Asecom and many highlights

Day 4: Read more about our great day we spent with the team of Asecom

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The Bus - VW Bulli T1

The idea behind the vehicle is credited to Dutch VW importer, Ben Pon Senior, who saw the "panel cars" used for internal transport within the Volkswagen factory. Decommissioned VW Beetle test chassis were converted and given simple wooden panels as a loading area for transporting goods within the factory

The technology for the T1 was largely taken from the VW Beetle. Rear-wheel drive with air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine that initially produced 25 hp. The rear pendulum axle and the front dual crankcase axle were suspended by means of torsion bars with a torsion bar each at the right and left hand sides at the rear and two overlapping "spring packages" at the front. The vehicle had drum brakes front and rear. Unlike the VW Beetle, the bodywork was self-supporting and reinforced with longitudinal and lateral profiles to support up to 900 kg of weight.

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