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By Lucas Hubacher, 30. January 2015

B1, churrasco & partnership

Ramo Sistemas is a masterVAR and is the SAP B1 partner with the largest customer base in Brazil.

The day started well as we had no traffic in our route to today´s partner office. We even were there too early! Ramo Sistemas is a masterVAR and is the SAP B1 partner with the largest customer base in Brazil. We estimated to stay there 6 hours including lunch time, but we invested more time and were there until 5 o´clock.


Following the agenda that we agreed with the partner before, we began with the technical crew that is led by Celso and the main topic was country package. We did standard demonstration of cool features and also some fancy “customized” demo, that helped us to answer some questions that came up. For instance David showed how easy it is to configure auto-archiving with coresuite designer. The session was really interactive. Lucas showed some Brazil specific customization rules and more ideas were discussed to be implemented in the future. The next topic was coresuite cube, which again had a great reception and is a promise for more leads and deals.


Right before lunch time, we had important strategic discussions with the board of directors of Ramo (Dave, Décio, Celso, Marcos), including some short demos of country package and a broader demo of the coresuite mobile field service solution. We were then already a bit late for lunch, so the partner invited us for the nearest churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue restaurant). As his own statement, David ate a bit too much, so he would need to compensate with a bit more sport in the evening!


In the afternoon, we were able to also include a coresuite time demo, including lean project mgmt. and subscriptions features. Ramo really liked what they saw.


Overall another very successful visit: let´s soon collect some fruits of the seeds that were planted today!

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