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By Moreno, 17. September 2015

Basketball and other actions

Dear awesome and magnifique Blog Followers. Today again was a very intensive and interesting day. In the Morning we were at customer site with Christian from our Partner Viseo. The Customer was very pitty in the meeting, he gave us a lot of input about our product and explained to Viseo on Detail, what he needs for his business.


This Customer is searching already since 2 years for an ERP and Mobile Solution. So may he found it with our products
and we can evolve him from the stoneage to the era of Information.

During lunch time we traveled back to the HQ of Viseo. Our lovely Mini Cooper with integrated navigation system didn't know the French driving style. So we had from the estimated 30 Minutes ride almost 2 hours, what a pain.

Finally arrived, we went eating together with Christian some French Burger, which is called "HamburgÈ". It is all made with incredients from France and it was just delicious... Mhmmmmm..

After this powerful meal we went to Viseo where we could present our new functionalities within
our mobile app and ofcourse of our beloved country package. The three people who attended were really stunned about our innovative Grid Configurator. They really loved it and saw potential to use this on new and existing customer environments.
While we were looking for a nice place to make the video with the statement from Christian, Fabienne draw her impressions of the relationship from Viseo and coresystems. Pic below, you're the judge ;)

Arrived back to the hotel, we went out for some dinner and some drinks.
Unfortunately, we saw the European Championsship on Basketball with the big loss from France.
We assume that you are still better closing coresystems-deals than playing basketball ;)

Tomorrow Fabienne will update you with more information of our last day of our magnifique tour de france.

Stay Fresh, be cool, have a drink.


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