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Germany & Netherlands 2016

By Fabienne, 11. November 2016

Breinwave - Working in the Mixed Reality

Day 5: The last day of this years Germany & Netherlands tour with one core moment after the other....

Friday - final day of our this years Coresystems on Tour! After a great dinner with the tour team and a silent night we were much looking forward to meeting the team of Breinwave. Different to the other visits, Breinwave is our integration partner when it comes to customers with Microsoft NAV.
We first started with an overview about the different Apps like Administration, Configuration which has been new to the team of Breinwave too. Then we switched roles and we got an insight about the integration they have done for MS NAV. Cris, our integration expert was deeply impressed and soon they were good discussions going on with more details into the technical parts.
Time passed by again so quick and soon it was time for another typical, nice Dutch lunch.

After lunch we had the chance to experience iOt with Hololens and we were amazed about the great opportunities you can take like analyzing a coffee machine through the lense to see directly how many coffees have been made, when the last service took place etc etc. when you dive into the world of the Mixed Reality.
Beside that we got also the chance to play around with animations and games. It was real fun and very interesting. As a last highlight, Joost chose some animations through the lens for the group picture and captured the Core Moment  directly through the lens - result see below in the gallery :)

With so many core moments our partner experienced and we on return too, it was time to say goodbye. Of course we didn't leave before getting another nice statement, including the hololense :)

Thank you Patricia for the organisation, Joost for your time and Merlijn for giving us an insight about the work you have done for the integration. We look forward to many projects with you in the future.

Before leaving the Netherlands, we took a little walk around Utrecht - a charming town and gladly with sun and no rain.

Cris, our driver for the last days did a great job and dropped us all of on time at the airport in Amsterdam. Back in Zurich we met Manuel too and so he could at least enjoy the last minutes of our trip too :)
Every tour has come to an end but I am sure it won't last long until the next one.

I would also like the chance to thank the team of this weeks tour, it was great having you Sylvia, Friederike, Anna, Ruben and Cris on Board to make another unique tour possible!


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