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By Moreno, 15. September 2015

The confusion. Or in other words "Halim Palim" :)

Hello friends of the coresystems on Tour. Today was a very interesting day. The First Meeting took place at around 9.30. Because there is no possability in our B&B to eat breakfast, we went up earlier so we could grab something to eat on the road. Unfortunately our estimated 30 Min ride went up to almost 2 hours, because there are a lot of french people who want to go to work at the same time. So we got in a lot of traffic and had nothing to eat.

Fortunately we were only about 10 minutes late, so we didn't informed the Partner about our little delay. 

The Partner therefore wasn't missing us anyway, because nobody was there. The Office was closed and no
employees were around. So Fabienne informed Halim about our presence in front of his office.
He was really surprised about our call, since he thought we would visit him on Thursday, not on Tuesday. He promised us that he will place a big deal within September, so we will forgive him his confusion.
So we had our morning coffee at a nearby café.

After this we went back to our hotel by stopping first at Versailles. It was almost lunch time and so we decided to eat lunch in front of the
Chateau de Versailles, which is nearby.
Some Asian People asked me to do some video-advertisment for a Boxing fight they were organizing. Which of course, I did!


Then we finally headed back into our lovely cottage where we started working for the company. The B&B advertised himself with "Free WIFI",
but there is just one Ethernet Cable to connect to the internet. So Fabienne and I had to share the "Portal" to the Internet.
Probably someone should tell the housekeeper that WIFI is not with a cable.

So this was everything for today. Tomorrow we will head with Viseo to a Customer and in the afternoon to our partner ERT which is in the area of Paris as well.
Let's hope they are awaiting us :)

Stay tuned, be cool, cheers!

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