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Germany and Netherlands

By Marco, 8. October 2015

Conplus, Currywurst & Coresuite

Thursday morning we had a rather unpleasant drive from Iserlohn to Mönchengladbach. The last "5 minutes" on the GPS took at least 30 minutes because of a massive traffic jam, and the weather was grey and miserable.

Once we arrived at Conplus the day cheered up a lot! We had an awesome in-depth talk with the guys and were able to show all the hot new stuff from country package, show the basic field service mobile process and were able to talk about the cube, especially the sales and inventory cube! Raphael accepted the challenge to win the Coresystems Partner Race in Q4 – we are looking forward to your activities!
For lunch we finally got the obligatory Curry-Wurst (which is a must on a German Tour ) in the Borussia Park as the stadium is located just nearby the office of Conplus Mönchengladbach.

In the afternoon we were supposed to meet some customers who unfortunately couldn't make it. So we drove to our next location Venlo in the Netherlands, where we will meet our Q3 Partner Race winner and Partner Domani for Dinner and the last Tour Session tomorrow. I am also looking forward to meeting my cloud support colleague Raphael Barabas as he is currently certifying Domani as a Coresystems Mobility Partner. @Conplus- Raphael you see it’s gonna be a hard competition for winning the last partner race this year…

Stay tuned.

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