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By Mila Nussbaumer, 12. August 2015

Coresystems Inspiration for Inti Data Utama

Hello Blog Followers, This morning, the meeting only started at 10AM, so I was able to get some Mangostane for breakfast. *niam* My first taxi did not know at all where I had to go, so try again with the second taxi. Also this guy was desperate because I also had just the address and no idea which direction. Therefore with a little delay I arrived at the Inti Data Utama Office meeting Audie, Hendri, Bernard, Andreas, Eric and again Lili from SAP.

After a brief overview what AddOns Coresystems has to offer, we focused first on the Field Sales Solution, since they have already a request for such.

They like to have everything offline on the phone, as well the Signature and the Checklist functionality. However, there will probably a challenge displaying the special prices on the App. Let’s see until we have all the requirements together. :-)

Second part of the presentation was the CUBE – our BI tool. Andreas was a dedicated BI expert and understood immediately the advantages of our SQl based BI tool which comes with already ready for Sales, Finance and Inventory reporting. As he was quite a technical guy I took the chance to give also an overview about Country Package. I think I could transmit the idea of implementing SAP B1 much more efficient with the Country Package. They will give more attention to the Country Package when they have more time again. I am sure we can solve many of the open questions, which are coming to their end customer. I am excited to hear from the team again…

Lunchtime! Eric and the team took me to a nice Indonesian restaurant which was very famous for Gado-Gado. (if you don’t know, google it – it’s an amazing Indonesian dish) 

Again, I had somehow 3 plates for myself and it was very delicious but I could not finish it all. Honestly, Its now 10 hours past lunch and I still don’t feel hungry at all… 

Afterwards they drove me back to the hotel. I suddenly start feeling my jetlag a bit and was able to rest an hour.

Late afternoon meeting at Northern Jakarta with our partner Croesus. Actually I have just met them few months back in Kuala Lumpur and know seeing them again was very nice. I like Richard and the team, and they are very hard working. So it was quite spontaneously that they are in Indonesia for a B1 project for a week, so we thought we catch up. We met at J.CO Coffeeshop and had a great discussion about SAP price policy, market development in Australia, etc.etc. After some green tea, we start working at some open question thy had on the eCommerce solution together with ePages. I hope I could help Ned and Samanta for their Webshop offering their SAP licenses and consultancy.

Let’s meet again soon whenever, wherever. :-)

Taxiride back was again a long long way and I eventually get the pace of the city.

You will hear from me tomorrow.



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