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United Kingdom

By Thomas Hobbs, 17. April 2015


Yesterday’s passing of signs to Leeds meant we had finally reached the most northern part of our UK road tour. We headed West for a stopover in central Liverpool, where Craig struggled to understand the strong accents of the friendly locals.


Our morning was very productive speaking to Harry from Culex about his exciting new client and how we can help in the preparation for that implementation. He was very impressed with how powerful some of the functionality Craig was able to demonstrate within the country package. As well as the new coresuite time project functionality where time can be updated by phase on a mobile device. We discussed future training with Culex employees, and Harry is looking forward to becoming a certified coresuite mobility partner. Coresystems is really looking forward to aligning with Culex and helping to deliver lots more field service management solutions into the SAP field.

Big thanks to Harry for the lunch and letting us use his office for an overseas demo.

After Culex we embarked on a long journey back to the big smoke, where having avoided the M6 traffic, Craig then failed to listen to the simple co-pilots instructions, and therefore 5 hours later we are still weaving our way through central London!

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