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Germany & Netherlands 2016

By Fabienne, 10. November 2016

A day with Asecom and many highlights

Day 4: Read more about our great day we spent with the team of Asecom

After a cold night and waking up as snowmen & women we were soon ready to head to the offices of Asecom where we got a warm welcome from the team. Mike organised a great agenda for the day and we started first with an internal session to update the team about new functionalities. It didn't take long until the first Core Moments have been expierenced, especially the screen configuration and the upcoming project management got the attention. We were so deeply in our discussions, that we got a bit late to our next appointment, meeting a customer who was one of the first FSM customer we had. I was especially looking forward to it since I have been visiting them 4 years ago too and at this stage there were some pain points they experienced.

We got a warm welcome by Jan from MK2 and a nice overview and tour through the company. MK2 is providing professional audio systems for Business Companys and I can tell you some screens would fit quite nicely into our Villa in Windisch :). At MK2 there are different departments like Service, Installation as well as Rental offerings for events. Still working with the Silverlight application and very happy with FSM, they are motivated transforming step by step into the realtime FSM solution. We had the chance as well to have a look at the dispatcher's work and received very valuable feedback which we will take home as I like to keep our development busy :)

Thank you Jan and team for taking your time - we are happy to support you on the coming "transformation" phase to get Realtime planning soon.

Back at the office at Asecom, we got a nice typical dutch lunch and soon some customers were arriving, all well equipped with SAPB1 already. Here we got a nice statement as well from a customer just recently purchased FSM from Coresystems & is still happy with the decision. We headed to the demo part of our offerings and we got good questions of the audience. At the end all confirmed that this is the solution they could use to improve their field service processes. For all this positive feedback we shared of course our famous give-aways - but on return they had to be part of the nice group picture.

 Last but not least it was time for getting a nice Core Moment Video of Asecom. It looks like all partners accepted the challenge and I thank Mike & Mick for their contribution to another great Core Moment I could capture.

You see, we had a busy agenda with different target groups and aspects which was very interesting and we much appreciated. Thank you Mike, Mick, Michael and the rest of the team for organizing a great day in Breda! I look forward to the further FSM projects we are going to have together!

 We just arrived now safely in Utrecht in a nice hotel (seems to be warmer than the last one) where we can listen to the raindrops coming to the roofs and it's time to heading now for a nice dinner with the awesome tour team (hope the rain is going to stop at least a little bit)

 I am sure the day tomorrow will be again completely different but not less interesting than the others - stay tuned for the next stories.

Cheers, Fabienne


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