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By Mila, 6. October 2015

Enthusiastic Cube and Mobile Show at C & P

Hello my Tour Followers, This morning we had to drive only 5minutes from our hotel to our next destination. We were invited by C+P to discuss about our Coresuite Apps. After a short round through the company offices we were ready to start to introduce ourselves and of course to hear about the strategy from C+P. It is very interesting to see, how they push the cloud services and their HANA expertise.

We did not follow our usual presentation, since Christian, Fabian, Markus and Jan already know our products quite well.

First, we were eager to hear about the testing of our Mobile Field Service solution at C+P itself. They have just switched to SAPB1 and are focusing now using iPads for their Field Staff.

Great to hear that they like the Look & Feel and the performance. Only two questions rose, which we could immediately answer.

There were some more questions and internal discussions from the SAP Team, so we decided to move these project related questions to a 2 days Workshop in Hamburg.

Marco had already shiny eyes, when I proposed he might be coming... 

Especially the Checklist got a lot of attraction. We were able to show in a few minutes how to setup an easy checklist.

"THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED" we are again glad to hear that we can help with our fabulous AddOns.

Afterwards, I showed some Country Package Novelties, which were also new to Fabian & Co.

Especially the Budget Feature got some "wow's" and the Masterdatamanagement got some ideas for existing project.

Glad to hear that country package is still a power-Addons and needed for everyproject.

Last but not least, there was a short Cube Session. It was quite obvious that Marc likes Excel.

He was so fascinated about the Cube like nobody else ;-) It is always a pleasure to present the Cube to people who see immediately the big advantage of it.

Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback and we are looking forward going for a Cube Promotion this quarter.

After a yummie dinner and some nice and funny photo and video session we had to leave beautiful Hamburg in direction Bispingen.

Thanks C & P- I am sure we have some interesting projects together in front uf.

Aloha – Mila

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