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By Fabienne, 16. September 2015

Experiencing the power of ERT

In the afternoon we blocked our time to visit our Partner ERT integration who has ordered very nice lunch including wine (the presentation in French went more fluently after :). While we where eating, we could already check the content on which we should focus on and we quickly recognized that we won't leave early here but that's we knew already from last time :). ERT is using and selling coresuite a lot and therefore there where a lot of questions especially about the new hot stuff of customize.

The team was also interested in the coresystems Field Service solution, so we started with that news and discovered high potential for the new coresystems portal solution "connect" as well. 

After a little break we headed over to the news of the country package. The grid configurator was well known already, and Moreno could help there to solve some challenges ERT had in some projects. Other functionalities like the Master Data Management and the Sales Budget Feature where not known - but after the presentation Marc grabbed immediatley his notebook and updated his coresuite version to get this features! :) You can see it's easy - update your coresuite version and you get so much added value included in the country package and more arguments to consider it in new SAP HANA and SQL deals.

The last part of the day was a hardcore Q&A customize session between the consultants and Moreno who faced the energy of the people even after listening already to our news :) 

What I personally like with the partners in France is that there is so many Girls / Women Power there which we don't see often in this software world. Moreno experienced that power during the Q&A phase too but he handled it very well :) :).

Not to forget is also the energy of the guys, you will see Marc & Marie-Michel in Action later on this blog with their statement.

Merci encore une fois Marc et l'équipe d ERT - we had a great lunch & afternoon session, and appreciate your feedback and the collaboration with you.

After this intense afternoon, it was time to heading to our next hotel to which we could get only by spending another hour in the traffic jam. At this stage we went a bit crazy, videos can be handed out on request :)

Anyway we made it safely to our place and as we were tired we decided to eat dinner at the restaurant of the hotel which turned out in a scene like in a (bad) movie:.

Suddenly I heard a voice which turned into a shouting. First we didn't realize what was going on but then we saw the chef shouting to a guest. He was completely freaking out and smashed a glassbottle on the table of the guest!! I was that shocked that I didn't know what to say nor to do and their fight continued. Somewhen the guest went away and it turned out that he was British,  something went wrong with the order of his food which the restaurant offered to exchange and bring a new plate. So far so good,but probably it was a language problem, the guest didn't understood, went to the kitchen to complain which made the chef freaking out. Crazy scenes I am telling you! As I rather prefer a harmonic atmosphere, I was not sure if we still should get our dinner there. Somehow I was neither hungry anymore so we just let time passing. The chef came and apologized to the guests with a glass of champagne-Fair enough :) with the bubbles of the champagne in my head, I got relieved from my almost-heartattack and by writing this down on the blog I think I am gonna be ok for a good sleep :)

Lessons learned: 

- Rather don't bother a French Cook in his kitchen

- Speaking French can really help :)

Peace, stay tuned!


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