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Germany and Netherlands

By Marco, 6. October 2015

On the fast lane with Be1Eye and Coresystems

In the afternoon we were invited to the Ralf Schumacher go kart track, where we we were able to showcase new features of Country Package and Field Service Mobile to Be1Eye and customers. Afterwards we had one hour of pure adrenaline on the kart track.

Unfortunately Fabienne was feeling a little dizzy and had to quit the race after the free training, but I was able to restore glory to the Coresystems Racing Team by reaching the third place. Everyone drove some good times and in the end there was a shower of sparkling water instead of champagne. Many thanks to Jan and Leif for organizing such an amazing afternoon!

When we arrived at the hotel we first had to navigate through the labyrinth of one way streets of the giant resort. Unfortunately the spa was already closed and the girls were getting increasingly hangry, so we quickly went to a nice italian place and finished the day with some pasta and a visit to the flamingos and parrots who roamed free in the resort. With the adrenaline from the afternoon gone and stuffed to the brim with italian food we went to bed early and had a nice quick 10-hour nap ;)



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