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By Mila Nusbaumer, 11. June 2015

Goedentag in Belgium – Day Number three.

After a lovely breakfast we had some difficulties getting out of Brugge. I am telling you, Brugge has so many bridges with many one-ways.

Anyway, almost on time we arrived at the office of Sym3. We had some lovely memories from our visit there in 2012.

Also Filip, Ludwig and Bart remembered the good old times when Coresystems on Tour was with the lovely Volkswagen Bus.

We covered many topics in the morning from our FieldServiceSoftware, to Country Package, Cube and of course all the novelties which are about to come.

The masterdata management and the new budget feature got a lot of attraction from Ludwig. They were a bit afraid, that we will raise the price of the country package because more and more features are coming in. Relax – this is not coming anytime soon.

We appreciated of course also the feedback from Bart, which he got from his customers. We will definitely forward his requests to our development team.

Maybe the next time when we are in Roeselare we have it already enhanced. As we wanted to start the engine we had two issues:

1)    We forgot the laptop charger (AGAIN – for those who followed our previous blog know that I have forgotten it already at UNIREZ, GESODATA, INCEPTUM…)

(In German we say: “Ja ich Weiss ich ben es Huehn“)

2)    We got a nice letter from the police, or also called: parking ticket.

(Sym3 already told us we probably have one on our windows but should ignore. Nobody really cares about cars from other countries)

In the afternoon we drove all the way to Liège, on the other end of Belgium.

Arrived here, I thought I am in the wrong country. Tout le monde parle francais ici, voilà.

The girl at the reception said «ce n’est pas dangereux ici, mais il y a beucoup de gents bizarres» (not dangerous but many weird people)

We definitely gonna have fun here J



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