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By Mila Nussbaumer, 13. August 2015

Good morning and welcome Jakarta

My first challenge of this day was to take a cab, who knew where I wanted to go. Taxi 1-6 did not know at all where I supposed to go, although I showed them clearly on Google Maps.

Taxi No. 7 also wanted to leave little Mila on the street :-) I could not deal with that – so I called Andy from Sterling Team in order letting him explain to my Taxidriver.

He seems to go into the right direction, because I followed on Google Maps. (Luckily I got a sim card the day before with 18gb data (!) for 7 CHF)

After two other whatsapp-phone-calls with Andy I found the office of Sterling Team. Mission One is done :-)


Lili from SAP and Petrus from STEM were already in the meeting room expecting me. Again it was very interesting for me to see how actually an office in Jakarta looks like.

Once Andy arrived he also brought Robby and two other developers into the meeting room. Time for presentation! I could leave the company information, because Sterling Team is already familiar with Coresystems products since 2011. So I focused more on the Country Package News. Grid Configurator, Report Subscription, Easy Functions, Master Data Management and more .-) Although the strategy of Sterling Team is to keep it as standard as possible, I hope Andy and his team could see that there is almost now way around Coresuite Country Package. Their innovation and strong focus on HANA project is certainly the same direction Coresystems is following. The second part of the presentation we talked about our Field Service and Sales Solution. A lot of their customer are in the retail business and maybe need a Offline App for their Sales Reps? We will see… We agreed to install it on their system, once I am back in Switzerland. Wow – time flies… already lunch time. Unfortunately no more time to show our Magento eCommerce solution. I don’t forget – just postponed.


Lunchtime J Andy and his team brought us to a Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall. Very very good. I love it!

Back in the office, Lili told me we have another meeting in few minutes back in the SAP building… With a little rush we took a taxi and said goodbye to the great (sterling) team. 

Thanks again also for the traditional Batik garment.

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