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By Fabienne, 18. September 2015

Great Finish at Infoclip

This is the last blogpost of the Tour de France as the last day has arrived already! Time is flying! And so we headed to the Northern part of Paris and Google maps told us it will last only a 30 minutes ride with our BMW Mini Car. After spending some days in the traffic jam we knew that we need to calculate at least 1.5 times longer what we did. But unfortunately this time the way was even worse and additionally we couldn't find any parking which was nearby.


I am glad that Moreno loved to drive around Paris this traffic was just driving me mad and we had many scenarios where I thought we won't bring the car without any damage back (which we did of course)!

Anyhow, back to business we found finally the offices of Infoclip and got welcomed by Stéphane, Laurent and the team which was mianly interested in our mobile Service Solution, the coresuite time in more detail and the news of the country package. We also had attendees who participated remotely and so we could also generate excitement with non-coresuite products like the AppleAirServer which streams the Ipad to the desktop. :) Also here we got a high interest into the new serviceportal solution "connect" and many good questions and inputs about our latest featuresAfter the session we got invited to a lovely place for having lunch and having further discussions about HANA, rumors where the next B1 Summit will take place and the best options to place coresuite products at customers.

A pity we are missing the eCommerce conference in Paris where ePages will also be there. I am sure Infoclip as an ePages partner will also bring some hot leads for us back from there :) :)

Time had come to say goodbye. We thank the Infoclip team for the invitation at their offices, the time, the feedback and the lovely lunch - we really appreciate it and are looking forward to meeting you in the upcoming tour de France. :)

Our trip has not ended with the last visit. As we had a great week but where also exhausted of the driving in the capital of France for almost the entire week we decided to have a stop at an Asian Spa to get a relaxing treatment before our flight back home. I can tell you, we were in Heaven! :) Fully relaxed we are now waiting for our flight

(it will be delayed but we are soooo relaxed we don't care anymore :)) and will be back at work with full energy next week.

Thank you to all Partners, Customers, Prospects and also to Moreno - I would have been lost without you not only in the traffic jam, but also in some queries-P and technical requests :)

 à la Prochaine!


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