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Germany & Netherlands 2016

By Fabienne, 8. November 2016

It's Snowing Core Moments with Be1Eye

Day 2: Today it was snowing core moments in Hamburg with our Partner Be1Eye and it's customer Westermann Kältetechnik....

Early morning we woke up, looking out at the window and we saw snow! Seems that we couldn't escape somehow from winter but no weather can prevent us from beeing motivated for the next meeting.
The meeting today has been organized by our Certified Mobility Partner Be1Eye and different to the meeting yesterday, the tour stopp took place at the customer Westermann Kältetechnik
who is heavily using coresuite time and country package already and was eager to see what our Field Service Management has to offer. Beside the host, we enjoyed the participation of another customer who just recently purchased Coresystems Field Service Management.
Additionally, people from Be1Eye were there too and it was great to meet new faces of the team as well to introduce my tour-newbies :) A special and nice surprise for me was that the owners of Be1Eye, Jan & Leif found time for the meeting as well as I know a lot of other interesting projects are going around right now and we really appreciate that you could make it to the tour stopp as well and provided us an amazing statement (back to that later :)

After a short introduction we started with the presentation, Sylvie rocked the FSM Demo Case and during the break (with nice snacks, thank you again!) we had time for good discussions to understand the customer processes needs and concerns like to get a technician commited to the App when he rather prefers to do the paperwork.
Also our Core Moment Camera where you can capture the special moment got the attention and I am really curious if we will ever going to see the results :)
After the break Friederike gave some insights about how easy you can customize and configure the app to the customer needs to share some ideas with the audience which was highly appreciated too.

The time passed by so incredibly fast and soon it was time to leave. At the end we got an interesting tour through the different departments of Westermann which gave us a better insight how the daily work looks at the customer.
Before we left, we got a statement which is hard to beat for any upcoming tour stopps but I am sure the next partners are going to accept this challenge. If you want to see it, just click on the video below :)

The afternoon we spent on the highway to Venlo, Netherlands where we will have tomorrow our tour meeting with our Partner Domani. We got a warm welcome at the famous farm and I am absolutely thrilled. SInce my last visit a year ago, the rooms are now completetly renovated. We got the nice offer to stay at "Luc&Katja's B&B" - how can we deny that? Before we went out for Dinner at a nice Sushi place. The dangerous thing - all you can eat. And it was soo delicious you can imagine how I felt afterwards.
We got back to the cozy farm (I really love it here) and as Midnight passed now, it's time to say goodnight for me too but not before a big thank you to the people who make our tours always so enjoable!

Thank you Be1Eye team for the great organisation, participation and discussions!
Thank you Westermann for giving us the possibility having a closer look at your processes and for taking your time!

Thank you Luc & Katja for being such amazing hosts that nobody wants to leave your place

Stay tuned for our stories of day3!
Till then,

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