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By Fabienne, 5. October 2015

Moin from Hamburg

Welcome to the next coresystems on Tour! This time we take our "tour-greenhorn" Marco from Cloud Support with us and we are sure he will amaze our audience during this week with the famous tour-show :)

Unfortunately for me the day started not too well as I broke my suitcase while running on the bus. Anyhow I am sure

to find the best service at our partners and have my personal challenge of the week!

At the airport we got a nice surprise seeing Manuel at the gate waiting for his flight to Berlin. Our destination

today was Hamburg and after a short flight, we picked our rental car and headed to our first Stop at our partner Conplus.

We got a warm welcome from coresystems expert and Conplus employee Wolf and the team and soon we started with the internal session. We got valuable feedback about our news and after presenting the inventory cube, we discovered a great potential for it on the existing customer base - and the team commited to organise a cube webex promotion together with us.

At the end we got the honour to meet Mr. Manfred Prager and he gave us a nice outlook what we can expect from him in this quarter and will keep, beside the sales girls, the Webshop team busy too :)

He also has still the presentation about our Field Service Solution in mind and is absolutley amazed by the possibilities we provide with the checklist. He is sure that this is the way to go and will push it on a customer event too.

We had a great afternoon and would like to thank the conplus team for their time.

Our hotel for the night was located in Hamburg City - the perfect opportunity for having dinner at Mila's and myself's favorite Vietnamese Restaurant Quan Do and also Marco had to admit that it was worth queue-ing and starving a bit :) 

As it was the first time for Marco in Hamburg and the sun down, we did a bit of sightseeing in the world famous Reeperbahn. I think at this point I have nothing more to say :)

Good night and stay tuned!


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