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Germany & Netherlands 2016

By Sylvia, 9. November 2016

Netherlands, here we come...

Day 3: On the third day of this tour we visited our first Dutch partner Domani Business Solutions

Good morning from Venlo,

We had a lovely and comfortable night at the Domani Farm in Venlo, which is close to the boarder to Germany. It was quite hard to leave our beautiful rooms but we were really excited to see the whole Domani team.

With a nice Dutch breakfast we were ready for the meetings with Domani Business Solutions. First we started with some challenges. It’s very important to sit together and to discuss customers needs and find solutions that suits for all parties. That's in fact the most important goal of our tour: discussing and getting feedback from the customers. We're happy to hear about the highlights and pain points, that's the only way to improve our solution the best. Also Ruben and Cristian arrived from the Airport to be part of the tour for the next few days.

Later we informed the team about all the new features of our field service solution. One of the cool new features we presented is the integration of Slack into our FSM solution (Slack is a smart messaging app for teams). As you can see in the pictures, even the dog liked our solution :).

After the lunch and some tricks from the dogs we went deeper into our FSM platform, this time more from the technical point of view. Internal projects were discussed and soon it was getting dark outside. It was time to say goodbye to Anna and Friederike, they had to leave for Switzerland. It was also time to say goodbye to the lovely farm and the office from Domani.

A big thank you Luc & Katja for everything, we really felt like home at the farm and had a really nice time.

Together with Ruben and Cristian we drove to our next destination: Breda.

After a short check-in in the hotel we met the members from Asecom for a nice dinner in the restaurant "Chocolat". It's about the best way to finish a good day - with a delicious dinner. So thank you Asecom for this nice dinner.

Unfortunately our hotel rooms were very cold, even if the heating was turned on – so if this hotel would have had access to "Coresystems Now", the heating probably would have been repaired in time, we would have had a warmer night and some more sleep.

So a brr… brr… good night from Breda and we're hopefully not getting snow-men/-women until tomorrow.


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