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United Kingdom

By Craig Blumberg, 16. April 2015

Out of the countryside off to Ochiba

With the M1 looking jam packed with the morning commuters we decided to take the scenic route through the countryside to the Ochiba offices.

 It was a really great start to the day and fantastic to see the Ochiba team again. We started off discussing the mobility solutions which James and John are familiar with. They gave some great insight into their current customers and how we can better streamline our USP. After an in-depth mobility discussion (Tom will be visiting again to train on web-containers and mobile reporting) we demonstrated the coresuite time projects functionality which seemed to get the team including David very excited. The great thing about this product which was key, was the ability to split projects into phases and bill each phase separately allowing for a project based P&L.

 Finally before we left it was tour time of the great new offices and the most amazing aspect had to have been the racing chairs that tied into the Ochiba yellow. We look forward to more successful deals and working closely with the team. 

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