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By Lucas Hubacher, 28. January 2015

Sao Paolo - Big and small at the same time

Our second Brazil-Tour date led us to the partner TDS. Geographically TDS is located just next our coresystems Brazil office. Although São Paolo is huge, going to TDS it was just a short walk. :-)

At TDS we were welcomed very nice. As it was morning we received more coffee than we could drink and soon after having introduced each other were could show our products:

- country package for fast B1 template implentations

- cube - Business Intelligence with Microsoft Technology

- coresuite field service solution - offline mobility field service

Rafael Calandra and Josué Campos from TDS were amazed about what they so. According to their feedback the immediately saw three very concrete leads having the need for our solutions. Of course TDS: we will follow up on these. 

Judge yourself what TDS's opinion about our visit was and look at the attached video.

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