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By Mila Nussbaumer, 13. August 2015

SAP Indonesia visit

With a little delay Lili and me arrived in the SAP office. In the meeting room we were about to start. Again and last time for this Tour I showed an overview about our product..


Miss Putri and Miss Jessica were more interested in our eCommerce solution.

So it was also new for Lili to see another amazing products of Coresystems.

My eCommerce show was okay I think … and both ladies see big potential on their customer base.

We will find a way how to go to market with a little program to setup.


Afterwards we also talked about the FSM – Coresystems main focus.

The app is downloaded and they understand the advantages.


After a little break Joshua from SAP also joined our discussion.

We talked a lot about the market here in Indonesia, and I think after these 3 days I got a quite good view about it.

As promised we will think of a good program for partners to get started with Coresuite here in Indonesia.


The ladies from Dynamic left the office and we had time to talk more about HANA, Cloud, Coresuite etc.etc.

Joshua and Lili seem a very good team. (Roy can be proud of them) I feel already sad leaving them J

They supported me very well during my stay in Indonesia and I am sure we will have success together SAP bundling with Coresuite products J


With a Uber taxi Lili dropped me to my hotel, where I continued my work for Europe J

It was a long long day. Tomorrow I am already leaving for Bali, where I continue my blogging on my personal website ;)


Thanks Jakarta – I love you!



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