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By Mila Nussbaumer, 10. August 2015

Selamat datang Jakarta

From the first minute I got out of the plane I knew I have to get my patience back. And so it was… roughly 1 hour to get a Visa-on-Arrival and 1 hour to get my backpack. Fortunately, the ride to the Hotel was not so jammed as I thought it will be. I arrived in the hotel room just 8 hours before my first meeting. No time at all for being jetlagged.


Excited and fully packed I made my way with the BlueBird Taxi (supposed to be the best taxi service here in Jakarta) to the office of Visi Intech.

First, I was not sure if I am on the right place, when the driver dropped me. There was a barber shop and a restaurant, but I didn’t see any office building first.

Well, I also didn’t know how “office buldings” in Indonesia look like, right?! Anyway, I found it and got a warm welcome from Jefri and Alvin.

Few minutes later, Lili from SAP Indonesia also joined and we were ready to start with the first meeting on our Coresystems on Tour in Indonesia. 

With a short introduction about Coresystems, our different AddOns we went straight into our Field Service Solution.

Alvin was already well informed from our recent demo, however I could still show him some nice features which made him wow. J

During the morning there were many phone calls (its normal here in Indonesia) and Alvin fixed another meeting for us in the afternoon, where we can present the Field Service Solution to his biggest customer. But before the afternoon meeting, I need to emphasize shortly on our lunch. Chicken & Lamb Sate, Yellow rice, Cendol with Durian, and two other dishes made my tummy feel very very good. Thanks Alvin and Jefri again for bringing me there! AMAZING!!! I know I won’t starve the next three weeks in Indonesia.

Back in the office, I kept my promise to have the Mobile part installed together with SAP B1 within 30minutes on their demo environment. We almost did it, with a little help from my lovely colleague Katrina in China. We let Alvin’s laptop in the office in order to get all the data to our cloud, while we go for the meeting at the customer.

A short ride brought us to his biggest customer – 100 SAP User, which is way over average worldwide for SAP B1 installation. Another proof that Visi-Intech is doing very well! 

The customer’s business is servicing all Panasonic phone systems, security alarm systems, and GoPros. It seems a good fit to the Coresystems Field Service Management. Let’s see. Again, I followed my presentation steps and jokes and was excited to hear any feedback. The feedback was mainly in Indonesian and I trust the smile and the surprised and excited expressions of my audience. There were some questions, I will also take back to Switzerland and see how we can solve or improve =) 

We just finished the meeting and it already got dark outside. Back to the office to check how the cloud synchronization went. All successful – from now on Alvin and Jefri are also able to present the FSM Solution together with the MAP (which is apparently the biggest Highlight)

So, time to get a cab and ride back to the hotel. To the message I got from my friends, how is Jakarta, and I could only reply: I haven’t really seen much beside the traffic & airport. 

Read from me tomorrow.



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