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By Mila, 9. October 2015

On Tour with Domani on their farm.

We have already met in the evening for a very nice dinner with many different dishes. Wow, I am still so excited thinking about this nice food.

On Friday, we have our official onTour meeting with Domani. Together with Raphael we drove to the farmhouse of Domani. They have recently moved to this marvelous place. In between of Sheeps, Goats, Alpacas and rabbits there is this house, where the whole team was already working hard.

Raphael and the consultants started straight continuing their Mobility Bootcamp. It was a bit of a challenge, because the Internet was not working properly. In the meantime, we updated Luc and Lars on our News around Country Package and Mobile Solution. There were few things, which were also unknown to them. Our Budget Feature for Sales, but also on the Purchase part made them think how they can use that for their new projects. Of course, also our news around Resource Planner, Assignment Status or Activity feedback caught some attention.

 After lunch, we were excited to see more about the land around the Domani farmhouse. Selfies with the sheeps and goats, videos with the Fiat500 and big laughs together with Luc and Katja. We are already looking forward seeing you in Barcelona.

Good luck on the Partnerrace for Q4. You have such a great team!



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