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By Mila Nussbaumer, 9. June 2015

Two customer visits and a great partnership

Today, Tuesday our second Day of the Belgium tour, we have planned two very interesting customer visits together with Theo Lambrecht from DeskSolutions.

Desk Solutions is one of the early adapters of selling SAP HANA to their customers and also our Field Service Software. As you see very innovative partner, always providing best services to their existing and potential customers. Two of those customers we visited today:

PRESA is using SAP B1 for a longer time already and now looking for a solution enhancing their Field Service.

They have seen the product already several times, but it was good to get over the process again. At the end we asked why they are still hesitating… and they seem not to have an answer on this.

Therefore, we are looking forward welcoming soon a new Cloud Customer together with Desksolutions. 

After a great lunch we drove around one hour through all the villages in Belgiums and we saw in every village around 3 speed cameras. (seriously, I think there are more speed cameras than people here!)

Anyhow, we arrived on time (because we did not come with the Volkswagen Bulli T1)  at our second customer Narviflex. We just wanted to introduce ourselves, but we seem to be well known already J

Narviflex was part of our first Coresystems on Tour in Belgium, which we have visited few years back WITH the Bulli. In the meantime Narviflex is also using SAP HANA – one of the first customers in Belgium, or even in Europe and I think we all know what this means (early HANA adapters had to be very patient with SAP and Coresystems!) However, we are now here and want to push our FieldService Software.

They have many technicians and they are predispose towards the Mobile Apps. Especially the companion was THE ATTRACTION. They were actually just talking yesterday about the QR Codes on their belts. 

All in all, it was a very positive day. We would like to thank also Theo, who made this customers visits possible.

We will now enjoy a good dinner and get ready for our next visit tomorrow.  



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