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By Fabienne Schuler, 10. June 2015

Visiting the charming princes of the Produmex Castle

Today we had to leave Leuven and headed to Perk for visiting our Partner Produmex and his customer Gymna.

 After spotting around 100 speed cameras on the 40 minute drive, we arrived just on time. When we went out of the car, we were overwhelmed already about the Produmex Castle - what an amazing working place!

We got a warm welcome from the Produmex team and soon we were diving into the functionalities of our Field Service and Sales Solution. Gymna was well prepared & downloaded the app in advance. After an intense demo &  Q & A &  session :) they came to the conclusion that we have a great solution and are looking forward to implement it soon.

During a nice lunchbreak in the garden, Mila got inspired about the environment and checked as well if there is the possibility to get married in the castle.-Just in any case - requests can be handled through the office of Produmex... :)

We also got the honour of getting a personal guidance through the castle from Luc van de Perre including the "Rittersaal" and its history - it was very impressive!

As we are packed with more hot news, the show had to go on in the afternoon. We presented the news and information about the country package and had good discussions how we can work together in targeting and winning new mobile field service customers in Belgium.

All in all, we had a great day and we are very looking forward to seeing you soon again - thank you Marc, Thomas, Mario and Luc for the organisation, your time and the nice statement!

Unfortunately the coresystems princesses had to leave the castle and exchange it with a hotelroom in Brugge, where the day ended with a relaxed stroll in the city and Belgium Mussels.

Stay tuned!


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